Environmentally responsible print and design

The problem with print
The printing industry has a reputation as the fourth most polluting industry in the UK.  If you’re trying to make decisions about print for your organisation, that’s a big concern.

The good news is that high levels of environmental damage aren’t inevitable.  At every stage in the process, there are steps the printer can take to reduce harm.  The problem is that you won’t find these in place everywhere.

What PrintPod do differently
At PrintPod, we care about the environment.  Our print hub is run by people who share our values and put them into practice at all stages of print production.

Print with confidence
Our print centre holds IS04001, the international standard for environmental management.  Further improvements are being put into place, following a full review by the Carbon Trust.

Choose PrintPod and you take a small but significant step towards reducing your organisation’s impact on the environment.